Ken@Work - Saxo Disco
Jame Silk - What's That Called?
Saúco - World Funk (The Stoned Remix)
Hard Drive Library - Queen
Makez - If We Were Children Again (Makèz Rework)
Dachshund - Corruption
Ultra Naté - Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix Edit)
Justin Joe - Lucid Love
Saison - Please Don't Go
Carlo - Moving Forward
Horixon, Else Born - Every Turn (Joseph Ashworth Night Vision)
Incolor - Sunset
René Amesz - He Is In (Extended Mix)
Swirl People - We Are (Saison Remix)
Jade Cox - Make That Move
Kid Creme - Hypnotizing
Milio - Strike
T.U.R.F. - Keep Moving
Mòo & Jo Demayä, ARKADYAN, Eribertho Cruzado - Desperado (Vocal Mix)
DJacuzzi - In Your Vicinity
Henrik Schwarz - Home In On Those Things
Henrik Schwarz - Posidonia Oceanica
Carlo - Where Is Everybody?